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About me

I'm an IT consultant by practise, tinkers with stereo hifi for years and quest for achieving a good sounding system with common man affordability index is, and will always be the key. I personally curated products which I uses, and over time found tremendous value proposition and would love to share that as part of Uniq Fidelity's offering in the market place, if what I like rhyme with your taste, we can get a private audition planned at my den situated in 8Trium Bandar Sri Damansara. It's a small humble office space where I uses for private listening session

What rhyme with me...

I'm always open for new ideas, and embraces technology. I've no issue for a DSP to be in the chain if that makes the system sounds good. I've tried myriads cabling, amplifier, DAC, and I love all the experiences. 

I'm all for streaming due to the conveniences, and it opens up the world of musics at your finger tips, I streams via Tidal & Quboz, hosted through a Roon server. The humble setup of mine as follow:

Transport - Holo Audio Red Streamer / Pi2AES (Raspberry Pi4) / MiniDSP SHD Studio as transport

DAC - Holo Audio May L3 KTE, Holo Audio Cyan 2 

Preamplifier - Holo Audio Serene KTE

Amplifier - Alexandria Audio Legatus Monoblocks, Galion TS120-SE, Galion TS-A75

Power cabling - my ever-trusted CT Chan, mostly built using Germany's LAPP cable

Signal cabling - Mogami 2534 XLR & RCA, LFA Grainless RCA

Power Conditioning - none other than Frankie, Ultrabank for truly a champion home-grown product

Erm, what's your loudspeaker of choice...

This is where my curated list of product fits in, I carries the brand of SB Acoustics, read more about them at www.artisanacoustics.com, I hold a right qty of stocks across the model of SB Ara BE, SB Rinjani BE, and SB Sasandu, as I understand when we want something, we want it quick and not waiting for months of pre-order :-), I'm an end-customer too, I remembered the days and night where I chewed thru reviews on Youtubes & write-ups; as well as forum's feedback, just to rationalise the purchase. I participated in the KLIAV show 2022, in Room 719 & 721, and met lot of great folks that provided invaluable feedback... and here we go with the offering, the humble request is to respect my asking price as it is a NETT price, it is my intent to have a truly transparent pricing so we all enjoy the product at the same rate.

I'm currently evaluating another loudspeaker of choice to bring that under Uniq Fidelity's umbrella of offering; stay tune...

# Update - January 2023

After working with Alexandria Audio as well as Artisan Acoustics since last October 2022, I've exposed to offering from Alexandria Audio loudspeaker, and truly a great experience interacting with the designer/founder which is Henry Kristanto, I'm now carrying the loudspeaker product from Alexandria Audio, for starter, the ultimate bookshelf is in the offering, more to follow.

For list of the loudspeaker choice, please visit the Products - SB Acoustics & Products - Alexandria Audio

Audition appointment available from: 8am–6pm (or till late if you wish), every weekend 

Phone: +60-11-31347900 or click Whatsapp Me 

Email: info@uniqfidelity.com

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