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Collaborates directly with Wildism Audio distributor - Jo (https://wildism-audio-hk.myshopify.com/), Uniq Fidelity offers Holo Audio DAC & streamer. For starter, focus would be for the highest end offering which is the L3 KTE version where possible, over time the offering will cover a wider range. This is an effort to keep the offering which I personally felt it made the most sense from the $$ and the exclusivity of the product itself.

For most products except Holo Audio Red, lead-time is 1.5 weeks, as this is just fresh from oven, we will work through to evaluate what further could be improved

Holo Audio - Cyan2 - RM5,998

#10 June 2024 - Ready stock

Driving price/performance ratio to next level! 

Holo Audio - May L3 KTE - RM24,988

#10 June 2024 - 1.5 weeks lead-time!

It's a DAC designed with no compromise; aim to set standard of an "end-game" DAC, natural reproduction of music, without digital glare

Holo Audio - Spring 3 L3 KTE - RM13,988

#10 June 2024 - 1.5 weeks lead-time!

For those that love unparallel value for money, I named it mini-May, same traits of sound signature and have few tricks trickled down from May

Holo Audio - Serene L2 KTE Preamp - RM13,988

#10 June 2024 - 1.5 weeks lead-time!

A fully balanced preamp. Volume control in 1db step (total of 84 steps) through a fully balanced stepping device which is relay controlled.

Holo Audio - Red Streamer + DDC - RM4,098

#10 June 2024 - Ready stock in Malaysia

Fancy some red? If not you're out of luck, as Red is the only color :-). An all-in-one streamer or a DDC if you wish to leverage the function through an external streamer of your choice, designed to support a wide range of digital outputs (HDMI I2S, Coax BNC, Coax RCA, AES/EBU, Optical) for a wide range of DAC pairing

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