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Continuous Improvement - June-August 2023

It's quiet June onwards, till now! There are request / appoitnment but it's much lower compared to says April or May. Looking at this positively, helped a few fellow client built their HQPlayer machine, as it's something on my to-do list for those are truly intrigued with HQPlayer upsampling, been asked multiple times but I eventually did that, as originally I was worried around how should I support it if there's an issue, but they are bunch of most understanding client and promised not to tinker with the machine except changing filters :-). I've been building Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX machines that ranges from RM9k upwards to RM15k depending on one's need. The paid back was really the smiles on their face when they managed to get the DSD Upsampling with good filters and modulator, and I'll let them continue down the rabbit hole to decide which filter/modulator works best for them, but one thing for sure, they are claiming the amount spent vs the positive differences it brought onto the streaming system indeed, was astonishing, and that's not always true when we are in this hobby, so I am glad :-)

Finite Elemente products started to get some momentum on requests, on isolation footer, racks etc, I hope the momentum will grow and truly eye-openers for me, at least, on the conversational topics when one shops for a high-end rack. Cerabase Compact and Ceraball are the moving products that most are interested with, with Ceraball setup as a 3 pointers below DAC/Preamp etc, while Cerabase Compact for the speaker isolation.

Alexandria Audio Legatus Monoblock also entered my den, it has since breaking in with good few hundreds of hours and it's coming together really well pairing with the Alexandria Audio Monitor loudspeaker. I'm still switching between the feedback on/off and trying to evaluate which one I prefer more, one thing for sure, it droves all the speakers I tried with it gloriously. The tube front-end is a mu-follower with voltage gain, pair of 5687 tubes per monoblock, mated with the most recent Hypex NCx500 Ncore module, I loves the efficiency, the harmonics brought by the tube front-end, and the ultra flexibility of it against any speaker I tested it against. All these are driven by Holo Audio Serene KTE preamplifier, with source from Holo Audio May KTE / Holo Audio Red streaming device.

Galion, and other New Products - May 2023

Galion is officially in the house, and ready stock. Only brought in the Special Edition together with the tube cage which I personally do not think it's an optional item to begin with. It has seen through 70ish hours running with the PSVane KT88C tubes, it sounded great with Alexandria Monitor, and my other SB Acoustics speakers in the line up, that's what I managed to test through.

Helped to introduce digital streaming into few client of mine that's purely on CD playback for years, standard formula for them, Holo Red + DAC of their choice, with Tidal Connect and UPNP, some more adventurous eventually went with Roon to coat a super nice UI on top of the digital streaming front-end which to date, I still without a doubt, believed the price I paid for the Roon lifetime license was super worth it.

Hqplayer in the house, with the latest hqplayer v5, I've started to leverage on the superb MGa filter for both the PCM and DSD upsampling, that came in nicely to tap into the new LHY switch i introduced into the digital chain, the LHY SW-8 replacing my old trusted Zyxel 5 ports 100Mbps switch that served me well over the past 2 years.

May is a quieter month, but that allows me to work on some other stuff in my office, looking forward to June

Busy Month, key take aways - April 2023

Barely into mid-April, and I was busy like a bee, good kind of busy though. Blessing enough to close few more sales (thank for those that really laid their trust on me, some from afar and we've not even meet each other but rather via text messaging); took some really construstive feedbacks on how to improve the business further to ensure an almost seamless experience for client, I'm chewing on those feedback and will try my best.

Some sales made me run into familiar faces, or face that connected to my friend's circle, that's very nice and we realise world at times is not as large a place we imagined.

Sending Alexandria Audio The Monitor for a media review, post the setting up process, and i sat down for a good 3 hours listening to the Monitor, driven by a good amplification, and most important of all, full vinyl experience, the realism of the reproduction put a wide grin on my face, and the gentlemen that I met was a true music connoisseur, one day if I'm crazy enough I think I might....might just get myself a turntable and see what that leads me to.

Received some real crazy enquiries on Finite Elemente flagship racks, while this is still work in progress, I'm happy Uniq Fidelity got featured in the German's manufacturer's website as an authorised dealer in Malaysia, and that's how the prospect found my contact.

Lots to do, lots to learn, lots of fun, lots of blessing, couldn't really ask for more. Till then

Anything, Anywhere - March 2023

Met some really really interesting people through the journey; some with the grasp of musical listening that saying I'm impressed going to be an understatement. Everytime I met this gentlemen the conversation goes purely just on the music (admittedly still some on equipment as he's going through some tidying up his setup), the thought of what equipment is powering the speaker, what is the transport and DAC playing, which cables are in used became secondary, listening to a Trio and how the 3 pieces instruments stitches the music together, how the piece responses to each other to make the music flows, it's like a conversational piece but without speech....wow, I am very humbled and blessed to have opportunities to run into such interesting conversation and got so much out of it.

Equipment wise, run into comparison of isolation feets, run into grounding box (of all kinds)...it makes a difference, but the important part is whether it makes a "good" difference, I am jumping into that rabbit hole and trying to figure out what's best for my system, and it's a path that leads you down deep without the sight of where the spot the land, that's where this hobby gets interesting

Software wise, I'm all into a digital streaming, I admires the conveniences, and having the world of musics at the fingertips, going down the path of HQplayer upsampling and I'm expecting an interesting journey to hear what it's going to do in my system.

Holo Audio - February 2023

Over time, I kept pondering in term of what other product I'd like to bring into the market as an offering, there is no shortage of choices when one shops for DAC, from superbly measured while pocket friendly option, to ten of thousands priced DAC that claimed to bring the truthful reproduction of music, what's right or wrong, it's one to judge. I decided to carry Holo Audio, as I like the tour-de-force of their parts used that oozes quality, and R2R option which I always find it has a more realistic presentation through my experience. I'll likely start small to focus on few options (May L3 KTE, Spring3 L3 KTE, Serene Preamp L2 KTE, and their new Red streamer), stay tune for site updates of product and pricing.

Update - 5th Feb: Holo Audio Product pricing updated

Alexandria Audio - January 2023

It doesn't take me long to realise "The Monitor" is special, more so when you're interacting with a very passionate designer, and founder of the brand. What lead me to a great faith in the product is the attention to details, from the years of continuous improvement on the same model, together with the care of how it should be setup for optimum musical performance. As of January, Uniq Fidelity starts to offer Alexandria Audio's product and first international review just been published on 1st February on Soundstage Australia (The Monitor Review). More local reviews will follow by independent reviewer in coming months.

Making a sale - 16th January 2023

It's always special when someone approached you knowing exactly what he wanted, the feeling is like a fresh breath of air, a quick conversation that leads to discussion of color choice :-). I am intrigued by the passion and hifi journey of this gentlemen, from bookshelf, to large Lii Audio open baffle, and his choice now is a SB Acoustics Ara BE, not really a substitute but I truly believes every speaker has it's own charm, I wish a safe and smooth trip for this Ara BE, meeting his new owner in East Malaysia, till next time then...

KLIAV Show - 28th-30th October 2022

In room 719 & room 721, my maiden show and thanks to all the helping hands from friends and principle to make this a successful event. Learnt so much throughout the show, I didn't realise throughout the show a single breakfast lasted me through to the night, and yet my weight didn't show any sign of reduction post the exhibition... :-)

Sasandu - to the tEXTREME journey

SB Acoustics released the tEXTREME version of Sasandu , and for this time they released this as an open-sourced design where DIYers around the world can build this based on the reference design. One of the Sasandu pair was dismantled to go on this change, what shown below are the original crossover from Sasandu, parts are reasonably well spec, using better parts where it counts. Definitely no cheesy parts here observed :-)

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