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Collaborates with Artisan Acoustics (www.artisanacoustics.net), Uniq Fidelity offers loudspeaker kit fully assembled to ensure you get going on enjoying the music, and all assembly are done by Artisan Acoustics. Pricing are as stated and truly transparent, the price still remain as an introductory price during the product launch in KLIAV 2022.

#June 2024 - Ready offering of TeXtreme version across Ara, Rinjani and Sasandu

SB Acoustics Ara BE - RM9,688

SB Acoustics Ara TX - RM11,069

#7 July 2024 - Ready stock for Ara BE, TX version lead-time of 3 months!

The ARA is designed to deliver top level transparent and dynamic sound reproduction

"I was quite surprised that the tweeter which has a beryllium dome did not sound bright or hard. I have heard other beryllium dome tweeters that sounded bright, hard and even metallic. Indeed, the SB Acoustics’ treble sounded extended and smooth without any touch of harshness." - AV2Day.com

"All in all, the ARA Be is excellent value for the money. There is a reason why high-end designers look at beryllium as a material for tweeters. It’s not expensive for the sake of being expensive and is amazingly good. This makes the ARA Be a bit of a unicorn. Relative to other speakers utilising such high-end drivers, the ARA Be is too cheap even in kit form. Compared them with similarly priced offerings, one will be hard pressed to find such a refined, detailed and open sound." - audiofi.net

"When it comes to bookshelf speakers, this Ara Be is one strong contender to be on my 2022 Best Speakers list. I am overwhelmed with its performance. The Ara Be is a pair of speakers that is worthy the time for audiophiles to listen to. The overall performance from aesthetic, sound quality, emotional engagement is all there. It is a nearly perfect design to me and matches my system in terms of clarity, sweet highs and melodic mids. The bass response depends a lot on the musical genre being played but with a good track, it can dig really deep for a speaker of this size." - El Hefe Hifi Reviews

"In short you'll be floored by their excellent performance and their assertive voicing. You couple that with good looks, you get something extraordinary for a fraction of a price." - Tinta Kencana Mohd Azmel - Facebook reviews on HiFi Chat Malaysia

SB Acoustics Rinjani BE - RM13,988

SB Acoustics Rinjani TX - RM17,947

#7 July 2024 - Ready stock for Rinjani BE & TX!

The RINJANI is designed to deliver transparent and dynamic sound reproduction.

"I struggle to think of a floorstander anywhere near this price point offering a mix of such high quality drivers and which is built to this level of integrity and finish. Add to that, most importantly, the fact that Rinjani BE performs, presenting music to very high standards. Think towards double its value and you’d be in the ball park.

Mount Rinjani is the second largest active volcano in Indonesia. As a fitting reflection of the sheer might of a volcanic event, the SB Acoustics Rinjani BE is a force-of-nature erupting on to the quality loudspeaker space. Yes, I’m convinced the Rinjani BE is a compelling, genuine high-end audio bargain." - SoundStage Australia

SB Acoustics Sasandu - RM22,988

SB Acoustics Sasandu TX - RM27,926

#6 July 2024 - Ready stock for Sasandu, TX version lead-time of 3 months!

The SASANDU is a no compromise speaker kit designed to reproduce music as faithfully as possible.

"I would have thought that the SASANDU would just multiply my experience with the Ara BE tenfold. This is not the case as the SASANDU carries its own sound signature albeit using similar drivers as Ara BE. The whole cabinet design somehow gave a different perspective and listening experience to me in my system." - El Hefe Hifi Reviews

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