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Favours some exquisite touch to the list of the kits on your rack? What about some direct coupling for your audit kits using Finite Elemente Cera family of products? Composed by ultra-hardened ceramic balls in high-precision coupling devices. Better resolution, better soundstage, better dynamics, and a better music reproduction :-). Specially brought into Malaysia via a collaboration of Qubes Audio Singapore and Uniq Fidelity Sdn. Bhd.


RM898 for a set of 3 pcs

The genesis of the CERAfamily offers an excellent access into the world of Finite Elemente's sound enhancing systems


RM1,498 for a set of 3 pcs

A well-balanced ratio between flexible application and sonic potential makes Cerapuc the pivot point of the CERAfamily by giving a premonition of the sound improvement potential the bigger models of the line can offer

Cerabase Slim 

RM2,298 for a set of 4 pcs

Original component feet often have their over-dampening material influence negatively the sonic potential of an audio component. The low overall height allows for an ideal replacement of the original component feet when it comes to correct resonance deflection by simultaneously enhancing the visual aspect

Cerabase Compact 

RM2,798 for a set of 4pcs

Anywhere performance and installation conditions play as an equally important role, the compact dimensions of this model allow for a more flexible application by providing a nearly equivalent sonic performance

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