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Not once, and twice, I've been asked to help the client to bring in some devices that they wish for, but would love to just get it here in Malaysia, and saves the hassle and trouble of bring it in, dealing with custom, declaration and stuff, this isn't the staple product of my offering but due to the demands that continuously being asked, I've decided to start include them, and hopefully over time I'll have more such offering and covers a wider umbrella.

As usual, pricing is truly transparent, and really just did this to fullfill the countless asks...

Galion TS-120 Special Edition Tube amplifier with Cage

RM20,888 (Ready Stock)

Quite a number of requests; and contacted Thomas and such a pleasant guy to speak to, I'm bringing in the TS-120SE with cage as I do not believe cage is optional anyway :-)

LHY Audio SW-8 

RM2,398 (Ready-stock)

Well, not another "audiophile" switch :-), but yea this is what people crave for. Constructed in a milled chassis, and overhauled the entire Linksys switch into what it is today

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