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Collaborates directly with Alexandria Audio founders (http://www.alexandriaaudio.com), Uniq Fidelity offers the ultimate 2-way bookshelf, named "The Monitor". Pricing are as stated and truly transparent.

Alexandria Audio "The Monitor" - RM22,688

#16th September 2023 - Ready stock!

"The Monitor" is built with a main goal to provide a realistic musical performance at home in a compact size. The goal is simple but it will require few specific parameters to achieve including but not limited to:

"There's something quite special about a well-engineered standmount speaker, mainly in terms of driver summation, overall cohesion and that ole' disappearing act. Combine those qualities with a standmount like The Monitor, which can also present scale and bass power like a small floorstander, and you've got something very exciting." - Soundstageaustralia.com

Somehow, at this stage I can't think of any other bookshelf that can deliver such a powerful performance that can easily outplay some of the floor standing speakers out there. High sensitivity design that can adapt to various musical genres with a presentation that brings out the best of recordings and mastering. If I am asked to describe The Monitor in 3 words, it would be - Musical, Engaging, Punchy.                                   El Hefe HiFi Reviews

Alexandria Audio has achieved a truly remarkable feat with The Monitor speakers. With their musically enjoyable and lifelike presentation, and uncanny ability to bring the magic of a seemingly live performance right into your listening room, the speakers are everything the name stands for.  - audiofi.net

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gLvcM_mspw&t=756s  - Steve Huff Photo & Hifi

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLQqFwPe6iU&t=37s  - Thomas & Stereo

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