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Collaborates directly with Alexandria Audio founders (http://www.alexandriaaudio.com), Uniq Fidelity offers the ultimate 2-way bookshelf, named "The Monitor". Pricing are as stated and truly transparent.

Alexandria Audio "The Monitor" - RM22,988

#10 June 2024 - Ready stock!

"The Monitor" is built with a main goal to provide a realistic musical performance at home in a compact size. The goal is simple but it will require few specific parameters to achieve including but not limited to:

"There's something quite special about a well-engineered standmount speaker, mainly in terms of driver summation, overall cohesion and that ole' disappearing act. Combine those qualities with a standmount like The Monitor, which can also present scale and bass power like a small floorstander, and you've got something very exciting." - Soundstageaustralia.com

Somehow, at this stage I can't think of any other bookshelf that can deliver such a powerful performance that can easily outplay some of the floor standing speakers out there. High sensitivity design that can adapt to various musical genres with a presentation that brings out the best of recordings and mastering. If I am asked to describe The Monitor in 3 words, it would be - Musical, Engaging, Punchy.  - El Hefe HiFi Reviews

Alexandria Audio has achieved a truly remarkable feat with The Monitor speakers. With their musically enjoyable and lifelike presentation, and uncanny ability to bring the magic of a seemingly live performance right into your listening room, the speakers are everything the name stands for.  - audiofi.net

Many high-end speakers are able to provide pinpoint imaging and staging, but few are able to accurately render the acoustic space around instruments and voices as well as this. As an example, with guitar work, the reproduction of fast plucked strings and the instrument's natural timbre is excellent.  - stereonet.com/sg

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gLvcM_mspw&t=756s  - Steve Huff Photo & Hifi

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLQqFwPe6iU&t=37s  - Thomas & Stereo

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